Pioneering payment strategy.


Strategically redesign Fvn’s mobile and desktop web from the ground up to make a better proposal to potential subscribers.

The challenge

Fædrelandsvennen is a Norwegian regional newspaper with a proud tradition and a rich heritage. However, like most other newspapers in the world, Fædrelandsvennen’s number of subscriptions had been on a steady decline for many years.

While most newspapers try to stay afloat in the digital age by staffing down, curating the printed and digital channels quite separately along with keeping the web portals open for free, Fædrelandsvennen (nicknamed “Fevennen”) took a quite different approach. They decided to provide all the paper content on the web – and they wanted to start taking payment for all digital channels along with the change of publishing policy.

The mission

Agens was invited to give Fædrelandsvennen a total strategic design makeover, both on desktop and mobile web – and to make sure that the web solution made people want to buy a subscription.

Enter the solution. Agens has taken part in the whole design process from its early infancy, trying to learn as much as possible about the Fevennen news culture, design beatifully rendered news stories, easy-to-use interfaces for both web and mobile, while bridging the visual gap between the printed copy of Fevennen and its digital equivalent. Using modern web technologies to provide a good news experience on a lot of different screen sizes, fvn.no looks good no matter what screen you might use to view it.

From now on, a Fevennen subscriber has access to all the content at all times – everywhere. News is published immediately on all the platforms available – meaning that the customers get a unified quality product universally available – for a low fee. No other newspaper in Norway has gone this far in treating its news portfolio like a true ecosystem, and here at Agens, we are proud to have taken part in the digital journey for Fevennen so far.

The results

After having raised a paywall around the digital content and redesigned the desktop and mobile web from the ground up, Fædrelandsvennen has experienced a net rise in subscriptions for the first time since 1997. Fædrelandsvennen also won the Schibsted Innovation Award for the new solution – and the hearts of many local citizens.

Agens has a lot of experience designing strategic news portals in Norway. We have been an active provider of digital editorial design for some of Norway’s finest news brands, including Aftenposten, E24, VG and Teknisk Ukeblad.