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NRK hired Agens to breathe life into the universe of Norway’s favourite cuddly elephant.

Fantorangen is a red cuddly elephant known from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), where he has his own show on the children’s channel NRK Super. With his fun-loving yet slightly mischievous personality, Fantorangen has become Norway’s most popular children’s character and an icon of a generation.

So when NRK hired us at Agens to breathe digital life into Fantorangen’s universe we were super excited. Our mission was to create the entry point to Fantorangen’s universe where 3-year-olds of all ages could interact with Fantorangen in variety of fun activities.


Even with over 100+ games in our back catalogue, we pride ourselves that we give every new game a tailor-made look and feel that fits with that particular user group. The playful cartoon style for Fantorangen was crafted by our crack team of animators and designers using cel shading capabilities in the 3D engine Unity.


The game consists mostly of everyday activities like washing your hands, getting dressed and brushing your teeth. The parents amongst us were at least partly motivated by the hope that this game can make those activities easier in real life.

An app that 3-year-olds of all ages love

We set out to make an app that children would love. Therefore, as soon as we had a playable version and throughout development, we put the game in the hands of unsuspecting youngsters. We knew we were onto something when one of our test subjects laughed so hard she fell off her chair. Quite a few children became so fully engrossed by the game that we literally had to pull the device out of their hands at the end of the test *.

The app quickly became (and remains) one of NRK’s most popular apps, and Apple has featured it several times in the App Store.

At launch in March 2015 the following activities could be enjoyed in the app:

  • Go to the toilet with Fantorangen
  • Take a bath with Fantorangen
  • Bake with Fantorangen
  • Tickle Fantorangen
  • Dress up Fantorangen
  • Brush Fantorangen’s teeth

NRK was so happy with the app that they asked us to develop a second version, which shipped October 2016. In addition to the above, 2.0 contains the following activities:

  • Sing-a-long with Fantorangen
  • Hide-and-seek with Fantorangen
  • Say good night with Fantorangen
  • Take a bath with Fantorangen
  • Wash Fantorangen’s hands.

* A few tears notwithstanding, children or elephants were not harmed during the development of this app.