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Gjensidige Øvelseskjøring

A delightful design that learners love

The Nordic insurance company Gjensidige asked us to make an app that aspiring drivers could use to track their driving practice sessions.

Gjensidige has a car insurance plan where new drivers get a discount if they can demonstrate that they have driven 2,000 kilometers. The reason the company could offer this was that they discovered that the more driving practice learners got, the better drivers they became, and less likely they were to end up in a car accident.

With the target users being teens, we made an app with a playful, intuitive design using elements from Gjensidige’s graphical profile. Further:

  • We designed a set of beautiful yet functional motion graphics that make the app feel springy and snappy while amplifying the content in focus and giving the user a sense of place.
  • With the help of carefully designed iconography, we turned the app into a rewarding game where learners ‘drive the extra mile’ to complete a challenge.
  • To register a driving session, a companion must sign off. Simply flip the phone and sign with a finger.

The result was a refreshing little app with fun and functional motion graphics that is rewarding to use. We were not surprisingly proud when the app won an Award for Design Excellence.

Yet, more important to us is that budding drivers in Norway love it, and our client Gjensidige loves it. Thanks to this app the company now has a relationship with a significant proportion of all new drivers who will shortly need car insurance. And quite likely Norwegian roads are a bit safer for the extra driving practice being put in.