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Holmenkollen Ski Jump

600 000 000 jumps made. Still counting.

Holmenkollen Ski Jump is probably the most successful viral gaming campaign ever made in Norway. Visit Norway approached us asking for an playful way of promoting Norway as a tourist destination. The result: A truly quick and entertaining game for both web and mobile. We made an accurate model of the Holmenkollen Ski Jump arena, and the rest is history. As a direct result of the campaign, Visit Norway experienced a tremendous increase in web traffic to their main page. The Norwegian promo movie on Youtube had an exponential view growth– and people stayed on the game web page for more than 10 minutes- in average.

The effect of playability
Not only was the game promoted solely via viral channels– people soon started to post their own jumps on YouTube, thus promoting the game even more. One of those clips has got more than 91 000 views (!). Several hacking attempts have been made in order to try to reach the high score tables. And as of april 2013, more than 600 million virtual ski jumps have been made. That’s pretty cool.

We always work on getting the game mechanics right. If the game isn’t fun and addictive within the first ten seconds of gameplay, the game is less susceptible to reaching the crowd it deserves.

Peter Måseide, Head Of Games 

After having launched the highly successful Holmenkollen Ski Jump Franchise together with Visit Norway and Julien De Smedt Architects, Agens also made a special iPhone/Android edition of Holmenkollen Ski Jump. The game was launched during the World Ski Championships in Oslo, Norway. The game gives the opportunity to jump in the newly built Holmenkollen Ski Jump at three different skill levels, play multiplayer hot seat, store results and share with friends and family by the help of social media. The game also provided the users with up-to-date betting results from the Norsk Tipping database and helped recruiting a lot of mobile gamers to the mobile optimized Norsk Tipping web portal.

The game exists in several versions:

International (English) versions:


Norwegian versions:


Web versions:

Holmenkollen Ski Jump 2
Holmenkollen Ski Jump 1