Share your style with the InstaFashion app

Capture. Add specifics. Share.

Instagram is one of the most widely used photo (& video)-sharing social networking services out there. What we noticed is that tons of people use these kind of services to show off their daily outfits and newly acquired garments and accessories. As of today there are over 10.5 million posts on Instagram utilizing the hashtag “instafashion” (#instafashion).

We wanted to make an easy-to-use tool to help people share additional product information together with their photos. An app to enable fashionistas, brands and shops to add sleek text-overlays to their fashion photos.

Capture your style. Toggle through nice themes and add the specifics to go with the picture. Share with the world via the social services of your choice. Voila! It was only natural that this app should be named: InstaFashion!

Stay tuned for future updates. More themes to follow…

Work by Agens: Idea, Concept, Design, App development