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Morning Routine

The alarm clock that gets you out of bed!

iconWe know how tempting “just a few more minutes” can be. That’s why we made an app that makes it hard to be a snoozer.

As a company, we’ve always been convinced that look and feel, not just features, have a significant impact on the value of a product, and so we’ve been excited to see Google’s increased attention for design. Lollipop in particular, solidified Material Design further and focused big on Motion Design. Our goal with Morning Routine has not only been to experiment with Google’s new guidelines for design, but to make it the freshest. 

The sweet Material Design and playful transitions engage and delight, and with the various options to create wakeup sequences you can make a morning routine to get you up and get your day started right.

“Looks amazing, works amazing. I love it. So amazing. This developer is awesome. I am in love with the Material Design. Every little detail is perfected. I’d give it way more stars, but that is unfortunately not possible. Great app.”
Johnny Higgins

“Beautiful inside and out. The app is gorgeous, one of the best looking I’ve ever seen, but it’s not just pretty. This alarm wakes you up gently and naturally with clever little mechanics that make sure you do get up.”
Joel Moser

“Perfect new design! 5 stars is not enough for this app. The new design left me speechless. One thing that would be cool is adding NFC Tag support.”
Diogo Pires

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