Need more Android developers!

Don’t just sit there writing boring code on some random project. Join us instead.

Are you interested in working on mobile development with some of the largest brands in Scandinavia, as well as on our own cutting edge products and services?

We see ourselves as the safe haven for developers who don’t do half-assed stuff. Developers on a relentless search for better ways. For great architecture. For writing beautiful code. For turning handcrafted front-end designs into pieces of tactile art. For making digital goods that are a complete joy to experience.

In short, we are looking for more digital craftsmen and -women, at both our Oslo HQ and in Grimstad.

If you’ve got the talent, the attitude and the independent, startup-esque mindset we’re looking for, we can offer you:

  • Great colleagues.
  • A creative, fun working environment.
  • The most complex, challenging and vibrant digital projects in Scandinavia (some of them being purely our own).
  • An innovation-driven culture, fed with crazy ideas and mammoth-sized ambitions.
  • At least 5 different coffee brewing methods on-site (OK, a couple of them aren’t that good, to be honest).
  • A lab containing a CNC-mill, a 3D printer among other cool stuff.
  • New and improved office space.
  • Nice salary.
  • A yearly trip abroad. Half vacation, half work.
  • Flexibility. Lots of it.
  • Hope.

And we can offer it now. Instantly.

Don’t just sit there writing boring code on some random project. Drop us a line instead.
Be part of the Agens family. Don’t hesitate! Contact us at now!

Norwegian natives, feel free to write the application in Norwegian.