Creating mobile

Norsk Tipping

The challenge: Make sure that mobile becomes a more preferred way of interacting with Norsk Tipping’s products- and design user experiences that attract more consumers to the mobile channel and increase income.

Norsk Tipping. A Mobile fairytale.

Norsk Tipping has had an eye-popping couple of years in the mobile space. In an era with demographic challenges and regular retail channels fading, the application products conceived and developed by Agens has had a major and continous impact on income and user habits where it matters the most for Norsk Tipping.

Two years since the native initiative was launched in addition to the web app already available across platforms, the apps now produce 90% of the income in the mobile space.

By implementing an intelligent way of navigating the user between the NT app, an ID client and the web app, the user gets a quick and easy experience, while the app itself complies 100 % with Apple’s App Store policies.


Every draw. Everywhere.

One tap is all that is needed to view the latest draw of your favorite Norsk Tipping game. Check the results- or place a game. It’s quicker than ever.

Quick access to everything.

The interaction design makes great use of drawers. Left side: Access all products. Right side: Access your coupons and personal info. Almost every conceiveable feature is only one or two taps away. The drawer system makes it easy to add further products and services without redesigning the interaction model.


Stay alerted.

With the Norsk Tipping app, you can choose whether you want push alerts on a certain coupon, a certain draw, a certain product or a certain set of sport events. Go ahead- knock yourself out!


Your coupons look great.

The right drawer holds all your coupons. Browse, sort, filter or delete in a matter of seconds. Check out your results as the action unfolds- or get an especially-made interactive draw experience. And finally: Brag about your winning coupons.


It’s about the experience.

Subtle animations, show/hide folds and a clean, functional interface. The Norsk Tipping app adds a solid layer of experience and excitement to the game products without becoming cluttered.


1 billion. Still counting.

Some history: Before 2011, Norsk Tipping had a mobile webapp in addition to Symbian apps. Along came the awaited release of the iPhone app, entirely conceived, designed and developed by Agens. The app made it much easier to interact with Norsk Tipping’s products- and the user experience was far superior to the web apps.

For two consecutive years, Norsk Tipping then doubled its turnover on mobile. From 2010 to 2011, turnover went up from 219 million NOK to 485 million NOK. From 2011 to 2012, it nearly doubled again to 964 million NOK. It is rather safe to say that Norsk Tipping’s app products are by far the most grossing in Scandinavia- and maybe worldwide, for that matter.

With version 2.0, Norsk Tipping’s app client is consistent across Android and iOS platforms- and it represents a solid foundation upon which new products and services can be built for years to come.

Who said that mobile development was money down the drain?

Mobile customers per year

2010 diagram
2011 diagram
2012 diagram

Mobile turnover

2010 diagram
2011 diagram
2012 diagram

Percentage of revenues from mobile.

2010 diagram
2011 diagram
2012 diagram

Complex solutions. Simple presentation.
Amazing results.

At Agens, we are used to designing, developing and maintaining business-critical applications for reknown, well-recognised brands. Norsk Tipping is one of them. The Norsk Tipping app is connected to several complex services, both when it comes to ID and retrieval of key data. Malfunctions, bugs and unforeseen behavior will result in millions of lost income. In other words, failure is not an option. We have therefore made sure that most parts of the app is covered by unit tests in order to cut down the requirement of manual testing each time a new update is imminent. Our test team can then focus on certain key areas instead of having to go through every single feature of the app. Frontend-wise, our most important task is to make sure that the interface stays consistent across game products. If not, the app will become more difficult to use. Norsk Tipping provides a slew of products, all carrying their own brand identity and visual style. In order to stay consistent and avoid confusion, a lot of thought has gone into making sure that the interaction and the interface design glues all the products together instead of diverging them. We have a lot more plans for the Norsk Tipping app the coming year and look forward to present them as we proceed toward making the NT gaming universe a world-class ap experience in its own right.

Jan Ove Kjøndal, Head of Mobile