The world’s most beautiful
travel assistant.

Norwegian Air Shuttle

Make an app for iOS and Android that makes the total travel experience even better for Norwegian customers.

The norwegian app is not only a travel companion. It is also a rock-solid, blisteringly fast user experience.


The elegant travel assistant

Norwegian is one of the world’s most vibrant travel companies, having an impressive fleet with new planes with low emission rate and a great set of benefits for their customers.

The company is the second largest airline in Scandinavia, the third largest low-cost airline in Europe, and has a route portfolio that stretches across Europe into North Africa and the Middle East. Together with Norwegian, we set out to make a friendly travel companion– a native, beautiful app that stores your travel data offline and makes your journey a bit more pleasant. The App is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


Just go

Every single detail about your trip is located in the destination folder. A quick tap reveals the next leg of your flight.


Save time

Every single boarding pass is downloaded, stored and synced automatically. Which means that you save a lot of time at the airport. Simply scan the Aztec code to proceed through check-in and security.


Stay updated

In the Norwegian app, your flight info is always updated. The notification center lets you know whenever something happens, either by push or by alerting you directly within the app.


Smart schedule information

Norwegian has an impressive route portfolio, with a lot of departures every day. That doesn’t mean finding departure and landing hours should be difficult. The Norwegian app uses GPS and your former user behavior to help you find the flight in question- more quickly.

Change flight gif animation

Be flexible. Change flights in seconds.

Flexibility is becoming more and more important when travelling. The Norwegian app takes your flexibility to a completely new level. If you have a flexible ticket, you can literally change a flight in seconds.

  • 1. Tap “change flights”
  • 2. Choose new time of departure
  • 3. Confirm. It’s that easy.

Pace is everything.

Making customer experience apps is both demanding and rewarding at the same time. For an app to succeed in today’s saturated market, it needs to help people and make their lives a little bit easier. With the Norwegian app, we made sure that we designed and built a blisteringly fast user experience. User should not have to wait for anything when in travel mode. Travel apps also need to work perfectly across time zones with different localizations- and they need to work a 100% without roaming enabled. Which is why we made sure that every single byte downloaded is stored offline automatically without the user having to worry about anything- especially not excessive phone charges when being abroad. Subtle animations, pixel-perfect implementation and a rock-solid system architecture are all necessities in order to make this app a pleasant experience.

Matthijs Holter, Project Manager