Now hiring!

At Agens, we love making awesome stuff – and making Agens an awesome place to work. We are excited to say that we are now looking to expand our family.

Agens is a digital agency, yet we are also a leading Scandinavian user experience collective – counting 40 employees based out of Oslo as well as Grimstad, Norway. We lead strategic design processes, make games and build digital products for companies we love and respect – including for startups that we create ourselves. We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company, and we especially encourage women to apply. If you think you may fit one of the profiles below – don’t hesitate to drop a line to


UX Ninja / Designer

You are madly in love with usability. You are fluent in the poetic language of frictionless user stories. You get a dopamine kick every time you see a beautifully crafted customer journey. You have strong opinions about when to use Sketch, Pixate, Invision, Keynote, React Native or pen and paper. Asking the right questions and solving the UX problems is what gets you up in the morning. You don’t mind leading workshops and enjoy conveying big ideas in front of people.

Android / iOS / Web Developers

Do you want to become a part of one of Scandinavia’s best mobile development teams? We are looking for talented people with a proven track record who dream about smooth UIs, beautifully written code, an environment in which to grow further as a developer – and a place where you’re able to work with excellent colleagues. We want to you to be able to do your best work here at Agens – which is why we strive to identify projects and tasks for you that you can be passionate about. Drop us a line, show us something you built and we’ll send you a task so you can prove your talent.

Chief Data Analyst

Numbers matter. They hold the truth – but they need to be unearthed and turned into insight in order to matter. We are looking for a passionate numbers gal or guy for whom analytics, graphs and tables read like poetry and who is able to formulate the right questions, sift through data to find the answers, turn them into valuable insight – and to convey them in clear terms, both internally and externally. As our Chief Data Analyst, you will be an integral part of our most important projects, take part in defining goals and play an important role in identifying and addressing the hard questions.

Wildcard Wizards

Do you have a special skill that will benefit us as a company? Do you see yourself as a person that can take us further in an exciting direction? Do you see where the world is going before anyone else? Do you have a brilliant idea you want to pitch? Do you like meeting people for a cup of coffee? If so, please hit our mailbox.

Ten reasons you will love working here:

  1. We work on complex, demanding, tactile and fun projects for very attractive clients. And we run our own startups and projects as well.
  2. You want to to have an actual life outside work? Without red-eye nights at work littered by Red Bull cans? Awesome. Cause we’re doing what we can to make sure we all have a healthy work/life balance – with a lot of flexibility and family-friendly benefits.
  3. We have no external owners – we control our own future. All employees are offered to buy stock in the company.
  4. Each year you get a grant for your own personal development. Use it however you want. Take some days off, go to conferences, learn new skills and share them with the team.
  5. You get invited to the yearly workation, a one-week trip to a lush location with plenty of things to do outside normal working hours. Get to know your colleagues as friends.
  6. We love to be the catalyst of turning your ideas into real products. Let’s build a new company on your idea! In fact, we’ve done this several times already. One of them now is now a multi-million business. Every third month or so we set aside all our projects for company-wide Innovation Days. And if you have a good pitch, we might give you the opportunity to turn your idea into a successful startup.
  7. At Agens, you’re part of a real team. Unlike most digital agencies, you will not be placed at a random desk to work at a client HQ for two years without getting to know your real colleagues. Enjoy our HQ facilities, build competence, be built up by your teammates – and be a part of building the company culture.
  8. Do you like tinkering and building real stuff? Good. Cause we have a lab with 3D printer, CNC mills and tools for you to play around with in your spare time. Some of your colleagues have used it to make all kinds of stuff already – including game controllers, a smart mirror and weird furniture. We also have two pretty decent sound studio facilities.
  9. We’re on a relentless journey towards new possibilities. Cause the world is never gonna move this slow again. We enjoy change. Hopefully, so do you. Agens is not the place to be if you prefer stale surroundings moving at glacial speeds. We don’t know where we are going. Why don’t you come join us?
  10. Still not convinced? Well, let’s just say that we have our very own smoke machine. And our Oslo HQ floor is longboard certified. Whatever that means.