Strategy & consulting

Every single day, we get on with our mission: Turning our own and our clients’ ideas into great user experiences. To do so, we follow the mobile industry closely so that you don’t have to. We constantly calibrate our thinking. We give you honest and simple advice. And we communicate it in easy terms. Exit tech-lingo and buzzwords. Enter advice that you can actually understand.

Digital concept

What’s the use of having a digital strategy if you don’t have an idea for how to implement it? Getting the concept right is about understanding your users’ needs. It’s also about having the knowledge to optimize the output for the right context, device type and platform. Finally, it’s about keeping the creative beat going — all the way from start to a finished product.

At Agens, we have a rich idea culture. Feel free to check our creative pulse.

Strategic design

Design is not merely making something look beautiful, it is making stuff that really works. We choose usefulness over fanciness when fighting the battle for great solutions. At Agens, we do interactive design, profile design, responsive design, UX and editorial design. Our goal is to make beautifully crafted interfaces that enhance and refine the intent of the product in question — and to stay true to the visual uniqueness of each and every platform.

App development

At Agens HQ, we have one of the strongest app development teams in Europe. We build all sorts of applications — and we have done so for years. Digital app craftsmanship is about raising the bar and refusing to compromise. We are still relentless about clean code, strong architectures and tight testing regimes. We build new products from the ground up together with well-known brands — and we do it with passion. Team up with us to develop robust, world-class app experiences.

Games & Interactive

Game development, from idea to finished product, is one of our core competencies. We specialize in edugames and interactive online entertainment. Agens is also Norway’s biggest and most experienced contributor in the field of advergames. We design and develop high-quality games and gameplay experiences to fit your needs — whether that means for the web browser or mobile apps. Come talk to us about using game mechanics to convey a stronger message.

Responsive web – HTML5 & CSS3

The future of the web spans over a multitude of screens and aspect ratios, meaning that responsive designs are completely unavoidable. Fortunately, there has never been a better time to embrace open web technologies than now. We have extensive knowledge of state-of-the-art HTML5/CSS stuff — and we’re not afraid to deploy it.

We have sailed the hybrid app vs web seas for years already — and we have a deep understanding of both approaches. Flexibility for the service provider and cutting-edge user experience for the end user is always our ultimate goal. We always choose the technological path according to that philosophy.

Virtual Reality

So you’ve heard the hype, seen the fancy tech demos, and are thinking that just maybe Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality could be cool for your next project — be it eLearning, simulation, or a game. But unless you want yet another tech demo that will look dated in a few years, you will need a partner that has a proven track record of making experiences that people actually want to use. When you partner with Agens, we use the latest VR technology, but more importantly, we know how to craft an immersive experience that is educational and fun – and beyond news value.

We would love to talk to you about how we could use VR and AR in your next project.