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Tele2 Mine Sider

Mobile operator Tele2’s main customer app

Tele2Tele2 had ambitious plans for their upcoming app, and sees it as a tool to cater for customer self help, easy administration of subscriptions, monitoring service usage, purchasing additional services and more.

The first phase of the app project was aimed at providing customers with the best possible overview of their current usage (domestic and abroad), invoice information and subscription information. A design was derived where the most important functions (usage & invoice) are featured on the main screen, whilst the remaining functionality is accessible from the left drawer/main menu. At the same time we carefully managed to slip in some non-intrusive space for in-house promotion. Navigating can be done in several ways, either by sliding downwards between the main sections, using the tab bar on the top, or going via the left side menu.

The circular bars to illustrate usage status were carefully chosen because it simplifies the understanding of approaching or going beyond the limit of a (voice/messaging/data) package.

The app will evolve over time, and new features will be added.