VG Musikk Quiz

VG Mobil wanted to promote their hit list called «VG Lista». They had a lot of music data with hit lists all the way down to the fifties. We took the challenge – by making one.


VG Lista Musikk Quiz is a fresh, immersive and fun quiz game. In order to make this game, we turned the VG Lista quiz database completely on its head by making a question engine generating more than 10 000 questions related to a lot of different categories. This quiz app also integrates with the rich WiMP music service, giving the user the opportunity to challenge each other when it comes to audio quizzing.

VG Lista Quiz contains three different game modes, Game Center integration, social sharing, several game modes- and a steadily growing number of questions divided into a vast array of different categories. The quiz app also invites users to sign up for a WIMP trial.